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The Patriot's
Agriculture Trade

For Patriots. By Patriots. Keeping American's First.
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Farmers Market


What Is Farmer's Direct?
  • Got a Fruit tree in the Yard?
  • Got A Fruit Stand at a Market?
  • Got a Backyard Farm?
  • Got a Small Farm?
  • Got a Large Farm?

You can help save Americans
From Starvation

Currently, billionaire Bill Gates is seeking to control the nations produce and lace his products with harmful genes that will manipulate the human DNA. Produce bought in local grocery stores is currently harmful to our health.

Our farming community of over 200,000 (and growing) ordinary homeowners, small farms, markets, and more, keep each other sustained and healthy by buying, selling and trading natural foods from the earth, knowledge and seeds to help each other grow our own produce. We hope you join our community of love and health, as we support and protect one another from elite control of the foods that we need to survive.

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