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Privacy Policy

We are currently updating our Privacy Policy.



All member's account information is private and secured and is encripted to prevent access by any administrator, employee, other member, or any attempts to illegally obtain information through hacking, or other illegal activities.  We are immediately notified at any attempt to gain your information through illegal means, or cyber hacking. This website is developed and located via secure server in London, England UK and owned and operated within the United States and therefore complies under United States Constitutional Statutes and Amendments. 


Monitoring and Censorship:

All conversations are free from monitoring and real-time censoring. Keyword blockers are used to "censor" profane words written in posts without censoring the entire post. Your account will never be blocked and your messages will never be deleted unless the following instances occur:

Reporting and Blocking:

If more than 3 members report your post  as offensive, and after careful consideration that they are not simply "butt hurt", your post may be removed and you will receive a warning according to your conduct on our platform. Abuse of this privilege will constitute removal from our platform after the third offense. While we allow the freedom of speech and expression, we express a deep moral responsibility for all members of our website and do not condone malicious conduct towards any individual using our platform. Any reports of cyber bullying, or threats will be forwarded to the local authority of place of incident.

* We advise anyone who is experiencing threats or cyber bullying to "screen shot" each event. 


If you become too much of a disruption on the platform, and everyone agrees:  In the instant that we receive too many complaints against you that are not simply politically motivated, a religious indifference, or ideological indifferences; Your IP Address will be flagged and your devices will be BLOCKED from our system entirely.  

Nudity and Graphic Violence:

We embrace the TRUTH. However; please blur out any images that you KNOW may be offensive to men, women, and ESPECIALLY children. Although children under 18 are not promoted on our site, we keep in mind that children are often exposed to social media content through monitoring of the mature user of the content and that no free website is child proof.   Our system is designed to "bleep" out  harsh language to maintain the integrity of your post without editing your conversations, while keeping us compliant with federal regulations and basic human decency. Nevertheless; we strive to discover ways to secure this platform from less than mature content, and additional security features are being added to our platform.

 Public Pages: 


Members may post any (legal) content that they wish on our platform and share photo's and video content; as well as, streaming from external websites such as YouTube.

Posts with profanity, or blocked keywords in the subject heading will not be allowed to publish.  To publish posts, be sure not to use profanity, or harmful content that is automatically blocked by our system.  

Posts with profanity or harmful words in the body of the post will display the word "censored"; however, the rest of the body of the post will be continue to be displayed and published.

 Personal Pages: 

All members of the community have the ability to view your personal profile unless you make your profile Private.

1. My Profile

Every member has the ability to make his/her page private. Making your page private will hide your from all members lists and viewings and only members you accept as followers are allowed to view any of your site pages and posts.

2. My Business

All business files are viewable by the community unless your page is made private on the "my Site" page.


3. Personal Information

Hooligan Nation asks for limited information about you, such as; name and a verified e-mail.  Why? Because we can't share what we don't know and there's no database for what you don't provide. Members are in total control of the information they share on their pages. Any extra information that you provide however; will extend your capabilities on our platform. (ex: entering your telephone number to place calls through our platform, or saving billing information to send payments)

4. Payment information

Payment information may be required to access certain areas of the website. These areas include: Subscriptions, Dating Groups, Dating Posts and Chats. This information is need to verify identification for all dating groups and chats to protect other members in the case of a domestic issue that may arise through lack of personal discernment.


 Dating Pages: 


Verification of Identification

To protect all members of the dating areas on our site, we require that all subscriptions pass an id check through a payment verification process of 1.99 + Cost of Subscription.

Background Checks

For further protection of dating site members, all members will be provided with an opportunity to provide name and location for the purposes of offering a background check to the individual who wants to know more about the person of their interest. This being particularly in the case of single parents of children. You will be notified whenever someone wants to run a background check on you, and you will have the option to allow, or disallow. However; keep in mind that disallowing will limit your chances with that person who requested for concern of their own safety.

Members may also display a badge stating that they "opt-out" of any background check requests for their own personal privacy, or that their current profile is "verified" through an authentic subscription on Hooligans Nation.

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