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Code of Conduct
 Terms of Use 

The Hoo Network is intended for entertainment and information only with adult supervision. Each member is responsible for how you process and utilize thus information. Members views do not reflect that of the company as members are allowed to express themselves freely on our site according to the constitutional rights of freedom of speech as described in the 2nd Ammendment of the U.S. Constitution.

You must adhere to the "Code of Conduct" Policy Below. 

Hoo Network, Inc. is not liable for any information, or communication that is shared, or received on this website that results in physical assault, or slander; excluding in the case of cyber bullying, or internet stalking.  Your participation in discussions and interactions with other members of the site are voluntary and with your complete consent.  Members are advised to contact support, or the local authorities in the case that they feel threatened by another member in any way.

1. Posting on the Site


Community Posts

While your freedom of speech, ideas and expression is valued on our platform, we encourage you to assign your posts to specific "categories" so that members can discern the true intentions of your post.  We have a default list of categories for just about every topic. If you feel there is a category that needs to be added contact support, or leave a suggestion from you personal site page.

Group Posts

Group posts are regulated by the owners of each individual group. Adhere to the rules of each group. If there are no rules for a group, the terms and code of conduct throughout the entire website apply.

Personal Posts

Whatever you post on your personal page is your personal business. Ultimately; you are also responsible for 100% of the feedback that you receive. Think twice about posting nude photos, or pictures of your children and family; unless, you have a private page that you intend to share with only people that you personally know, or want to solicit here.  This is NOT a "pry into my life and never talk to me" type of platform. YOU control who you interact with and who can view your personal information.

 Code of Conduct 

While we happily protect your right to free speech, there are just a couple of things that can get you BANNED from our website. And when we say banned, you’re going to need a whole new computer to get back in ( SO PLEASE BEHAVE! We don’t want to see you go!)

The Purpose of this Platform:

Hoo Network was created our of frustration from having our rights to freedom and speech and expression of truth violated and suppressed.  Being closed off from family and friends online because of saying a word "facebook" didn't approve of, or being placed on 30 day suspensions for supporting certain political views. Our God given right to free speech is beginning to become extinct in our land, and there is no greater time than under our current leadership to exercise our rights!  Our rights do not come from man, or from government, but from the one who created us all. Who has given us ALL a purpose which should NOT be suppressed by any MAN, or political party. Our great constitution acknowledges this, but those who would rather prey on our ignorances trample upon those rights. This platform is designed to help you take those rights back and create an alternative to the trap we call "big tech" that imprisons us all through technology and necessity.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to take you AWAY from Socialist-media and social norms and experience life online the way YOU choose. We've purposely designed our platform for LESS distractions and MORE empowerment for organization in your daily life, and will continue to work more towards this goal each day with advance features.


Rules that make everyone feel great!


1. Posting nudity, or pornography on public and community posts is prohibited.


While you are free to post whatever you wish on your personal site page. We highly recommend making your page private if you intend to post nude photos to protect the innocent and those (who just don't come here to see it). There currently are no capabilities to post pornographic videos on your site: however you are free to post your personal you tube video links to support your personal you tube business, or channel(s). Public Posts are categorized and are excluded the x-rated content to protect the youth and faith communities.


2. Threats on someones life are unacceptable.


Whether you are bluffing, or not, we do NOT condone threats of harm towards other members of our site. While we do not monitor dialog, we take any and all reports by our members seriously and we DO posses the technology to pull up the history of messages being reported on.  We do NOT monitor communications between members other than reports of threats against an individual where law enforcement is also consulted in the matter.


3. Racial Slurs are not tolerated.


While we do not monitor conversations on our website; we take all reports of racism seriously and will investigate the matter appropriately. We will consider any reports concerning harming of specific ethnic groups as hate speech, or the misnaming of any ethnic group with a racist slur.  Anything else is political correctness in our book. Stereotypical opinions, or assumptions do not classify as hate speech on our site.

4. Hate Groups are restricted form this platform.

Although we are a platform for free personal expression, we by no means tolerate the forming of HATE GROUPS for use of our "Groups" feature.  Groups; unlike personal pages (sites), messages and other forms of personal communication, are checked every once and a while (just to see how they are going) and if any form of Hate Group is detected the Group Administrator will be notified of the groups cancellation within 24 hours.  We classify HATE groups according to groups that actually perform acts of violence on others, not all groups classified by the Department of Justice (as we understand these classifications tend to be biased.  We will consider any communications of harm to a specific ethnic, or political group as hate speech; as well as, premeditated plots, or use of hidden coded messages. Stereotypes, jokes, opinions, slander and assumptions, do not classify as hate speech on our social media platform.

5. Terror Threats will be reported to authorities.

We will report any forms of reported terroristic activity to the proper authorities. Although we do not monitor private conversations; triggered keywords are used in groups to spot threats against the United States of America "only". This includes known slang terms used in such conversations as specified by the Department of Homeland Security.

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