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Determine Your Audience

Target by location, interest, city, zip code, places of business, entertainment complex's and more. Deliver on the channels you want.

Deliver on more than 600+ premium streaming apps & channels.

what is geofencing?

Geofencing Marketing To Drive Leads, Sales, Brand Awareness And Engagement

Why Start With Geofencing Marketing & Data Targeting?
Location Is Everything.

Who are ideal clients for Geo-Fencing?

Brick & Mortar
  • Auto

  • Quick Serve

  • Restaurants

  • Insurance Agents

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

District-Specific Entities
  • Political Parties

  • Political Candidates

  • Municipalities

  • Counties

  • Civic Groups

Venue-Based Entities
  • Sports Arenas & Stadiums

  • Concert Halls

  • Amphitheaters

  • Convention Centers

  • Colleges

Travel Industry
  • Airports

  • Truck Stops

  • Train and Bus Stations

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Tourist Attractions

Our Solution

Hoo Media Ads is a geofence solutions provider specializing in location-based ads and marketing. Our company help their clients target customers and potential customers who are using mobile devices near businesses, special events, the locations operated by competitors, and other geographic zones. Our results show higher performance across all verticals compared to typical industry outcomes. We can target a specific structure, zip code, town, city, statewide and beyond. With our geofencing technology, Hoo Media Ads can reach hundreds of millions of  people across the United States through TV, Tablets, Android devices and IOS devices.


What Makes Us Different?

Hoo Media Ads provides a mobile presence marketing platform to help retail businesses gather customer behavioral data and then use that date for specialized marketing campaigns. We uses geofencing technology to map virtual fences around target locations, and can provide virtually any number of these geo-specific fences, in any shape or size. They also offer a complete complement of performance reporting, measuring, and analysis tools to help guide clients for maximum advertising and branding effectiveness. Mobile marketing management and data channel integration play a big role in the services that Hoo Media Ads provides to help businesses leverage the power of digital tech and mobile marketing.

Park Targeting
Auto Dealers National View

How It Works

Our geofencing technology allows our clients to target their direct clients. We are able to provide specialized services to real estate professionals as well as political marketing campaigns. They can establish high-tech geographically targets marketing zones and then target consumers within those areas with advertised that is based both on their physical location and their demographic profile. They also specialize in keyword targeting, contextual and behavioral marketing, IP targeting, and CTV marketing to engage TV viewers who stream their content to digital devices. The company offers solutions that work across a variety of digital platforms – including mobile devices like smartphones, desktop computers, and video channels.

geo-fencing 2

We'll Help you get TV ready!

Need help getting your commercial produced, voice overs and more? We've got you covered with our reliable partners that can get your ad ready for streaming in no time.


The absolute best marketing program I have used for my company. I highly recommend. Great return on investment.

S. Patel,  CEO - G.B.I.

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