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How It Works

Tv that engages a community.

Creative Content that unites a world!

What would you do with your own TV Channel?


Just last year, that question would make you laugh. However; today we are making it possible for YOU! Although it’s possible, starting your network can be a challenge. But a great way to get started is by first starting your own urban entertainment channel on an already established Network.

Launching August first on Roku, Amazon FireStick and Apple TV, HooNation TV is a Television Network designed to be a hope for anyone who has ever desired to run their own television channel line-up, build and maintain a fan base, or spread their message to the world through the #1 growing platforms on earth. 


As citizens from various countries around the world experience the crunch of financial disruptions, more and more folks are dumping cable and changing their subscriptions to internet only accounts, making internet platforms like Roku, FireStick, and Apple TV grow at rapid rates. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and become one of the first names people remember and this new trend sets.

about hoo tv


 Create a channel on HOONationTV
and schedule a broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year!

HooTV is a Television Network designed to be a hope for anyone who has ever desired to run their own television channel, build and maintain a fan base, or spread their message to the world through the #1 growing platforms on the planet. 


  •  Create a channel on HOONationTV
  • Embed TV channel on your website
  • Grow your community like never before and Stay connected with millions of viewers around the world.


Keeping You Relevant

For entertainers who are currently waiting for that next big shot; HooTV is the only platform in the world where celebrity personalities can stay relevant in their crafts and in constant contact with their fans in a discrete manner, while increasing your fanbase, or gain leads on your own financial interests. No more waiting around for the next big gig.  Keep your fans engaged 24/7 with your own dedicated channel that includes your own video, or production line-up so that you can showcase every one in your circle and provide multiple opportunities for all of your friends on your own TV channel with access to over 100 million viewers around the world on Roku TV, FireStick, and Apple TV.


 Monetize your channel after your first 10,000 unique viewers/subscribers and earn continual residual income for the life of your channel.

For a limited time, we are offering free channel line-ups for a select amount of influencers. After 10,000 unique views, your channel will be eligible for ad placement, which will give you the opportunity to monetize your channel for residual income. Meaning; you get paid while you sleep!


As well as automated ad monitization; HooTV gives you the power to sell You own channel and ad space.  Having your own channel means you have 24 hours per day and 7 days per week of content that can be programmed into your TV channel.

How can I monetize my channel and make revenue? 

While a 24/7 TV broadcast can directly help your business grow by attracting your visitors to come back, there are many other options to financially benefit from your channel:

  1. Add your own video commercials between your video shows. You can promote your own brand or other brands and businesses.

  2. Use our password-protection of the channel feature. This way you can build your own TV network with a valuable or entertaining content and to provide a password to access your Network to only the paid subscribers. 

  3. Use the password-protection feature to generate leads for you or your clients. Create specific TV channels and provide access to them during Opt-In. 

  4. Offer your channel as a distribution source for content creators.

  5. If your channel generates over 10,000 unique visitors per month, you will become eligible for monetization.

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